Why should I get a Viral Guard for my business or workplace?

OSHA recommends barriers as one of the key environmental controls to employ if workers are at “medium exposure risk jobs”, which “include those that require frequent and/or close contact with (i.e., within 6 feet of) people who may be infected with SARS-CoV-2, but who are not known or suspected COVID-19” patients”. This also includes jobs “in areas where there is ongoing community transmission, workers in this category may have contact with the general public” and areas “where there is community spread that includes the general public.”

Environmental controls are effective because they don't rely on a supply of personal protective equipment that must be available, worn properly, and replaced frequently – all of which depend on many small variables you have little control over. Barriers like Viral Guard Systems not only creates a physical separation between people – they also are a visual indicator that space needs to be maintained for everyone's health and safety.

Many of the U.S.’ biggest retailers and grocers have installed barriers like Viral Guards to help protect their workers and customers to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

What’s the typical lead time on an order?

All purchases are cut to order. Standard designs are available in 3-5 business days once you complete your order and payment. Custom designs are available 7-10 business days after payment and design is approved. 

Please note that large orders (5 or more units) may take longer depending on material availability.

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship to anywhere in the U.S. Orders typically ship within 5 business days of purchase. We use UPS Ground and FedEx. 

Can I pick it up?

Yes, of course! You can pick up your order from our San Francisco warehouse at 1220 Howard Street, typically after 12pm. Please coordinate with the team to ensure someone will be there to meet you. 

Do you deliver? 

Yes, we can deliver anywhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

What size Viral Guards are available? 

You can find our full list of products here – our offerings are growing regularly as well. 

What if I don’t see a Viral Guard that’s a size I need? 

We do custom designs! Send us a note or call us at (415) 938-8886. 

What other options are available? 

We offer a few creative options for your Viral Guard, including: 

– You can add a logo or a custom message of your choice

– You can add LED lighting to any Viral Guard – a great way to brighten up your shop, restaurant, office, or other place of business

We also have a smaller window available to exchange smaller-sized goods like documents, payments, and keys – ideal for hotels or similar businesses. 

Do you do custom orders? How does that work?

Yes, fully custom designs are absolutely welcome! We’re more than happy to create a Viral Guard that protects your business in a size that you need. 

There is a $100 design deposit required before we begin any design work. Once the design has been approved and payment is received, we’ll begin fabrication. We can typically complete a custom order within 7-10 days as long as we have all the materials required on hand. 

There are a few physical restrictions for each panel’s size within your design. Our laser cutters can accommodate 4' wide sheets of material. For oversize designs (greater than 36’ tall or 46’ wide) we typically require multiple cutting sessions and repositioning  so may take longer to complete.

What are the barriers made of? 

We use laser cut ¼” acrylic plexiglass. Acrylic is durable and doesn't scratch as easily as other plastics, so it weathers well with frequent cleaning and disinfection. 

How do Viral Guards stand up without hardware or modifying your counter? 

Viral Guard Systems have wide feet that provide a stable base for the guard. For additional security, we recommend using a clear, double-sided tape such as Command by 3M.

What if I want to screw my Viral Guard into my counter?

Feel free to do so. Just note that it’s important that you drill holes on the feet prior. If you intend to do this and are placing a custom order with us, let us know and we can do this for you. 

Where are the units manufactured? 

We work out of two fabrication shops: one is in the SOMA district of San Francisco, and the other is just across the Bay in West Oakland.